I was weary

my day was long

I turned my head

only to be blinded

by the light of the sun,

or so it seemed.

I thought I saw you both

in the distance

looking down on me, smiling.

Tears flowed thru my tightly closed eyes

blurring the vision

I thought I could hear your voices

or so it seemed.

I gathered myself

as I pulled off the road and

wondered what happened,

did I see what I thought,

or so it seemed.

I knew where to go

where my port was

as I opened the door

and climbed into

the safety of your arms.


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Dynamic Duo

I know two people that reside inside me

but I don’t understand how that came to be.

one is subdued and one wants to cry

nothing seems to change

no matter how hard i try.

I used to walk around crying

but they gave me a pill.

Now I cry on the inside

and nobody can tell,

nobody but me

inside my living hell.

I put on a good act

so people around me don’t know.

They wouldn’t believe me

if I told them so.

Am I happy or sad

I don’t really know

Not crying doesn’t mean

I’m happy.

It just means I’m laying low.

You think you know me,

I’m a funny guy.

I’ll make you laugh

until you cry.

Just look at Robin Williams

what did they really know about him,

it looked like he had a great life,

tho the end was pretty grim.

You can talk to all the doctors

and take all of the pills

they can make all the notes

until their notebook fills,

Is there a cure for me

I certainly don’t think so

So just be patient with me

and go with the flow.

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The Departed

What happens to the departed,

are they really gone or

are their lives restarted?

and to the ones left behind,

will the grief and pain

make them lose their minds?

What happens to the departed,

they’ve been freed,

into a world uncharted.

and to the ones left behind,

only photos and memories

offer them peace of mind.

What happens to the departed.

they will

live forever

in the heavyhearted.


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Time Lapse

But with one life to live,

where do you aspire.

Like the bird on the telephone wire

You must ask yourself

Do I land or fly higher?

You chose the shadows,

avoiding the light.

You had a voice,

but you stayed out of sight.

When the shadow passed,

you tried to move,

you just couldn’t move that fast.

Now the light was aimed on you,

and we found out

what we never knew.

But with one life to live,

the time comes,

where its just too late.

But then,

we all have that date…with fate.



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Lost and Found

I had a dream, how real it did seem

walking in the snow, where I didn’t know

lost with no sense of direction

I walked on uncharted ground

lost, would I be found?

Your words echoed in my mind

you said you would never leave me behind

just words, what would I find?

As I wakened from my dream

Your arms held me close, it seemed

I felt your heartbeat, it was

the place you said your love

comes from

I began to shed tears

you asked why I cried

I was on uncharted ground

lost, would I be found?

and though your hand fit in mine,

like a glove,

you rescued me from uncharted grounds

I have never experienced anything

like your love.






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Someone help me please

I can’t figure out what I did

to deserve this woman.

Someone help me please

tell me where she came from

and how we connected.

Will somebody please tell me

why she allows me to touch

her face, and look into those eyes

or kiss those lips

does anyone have an idea?

What did I do to have this woman

in my life

When will I awaken from this dream?

or  is this what love is?

I don’t know

so will somebody please tell me


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come close to me

even closer now,

come and see,

what’s  inside.

the door has opened

its been closed far too long,

come inside and

listen to my song.

You are the only one

I have let inside.

In the past,

I would run and hide.

so step inside, closer now

let me experience more,

baby come closer and

let me love once more.






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