Lost and Found

I had a dream, how real it did seem

walking in the snow, where I didn’t know

lost with no sense of direction

I walked on uncharted ground

lost, would I be found?

Your words echoed in my mind

you said you would never leave me behind

just words, what would I find?

As I wakened from my dream

Your arms held me close, it seemed

I felt your heartbeat, it was

the place you said your love

comes from

I began to shed tears

you asked why I cried

I was on uncharted ground

lost, would I be found?

and though your hand fit in mine,

like a glove,

you rescued me from uncharted grounds

I have never experienced anything

like your love.







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Someone help me please

I can’t figure out what I did

to deserve this woman.

Someone help me please

tell me where she came from

and how we connected.

Will somebody please tell me

why she allows me to touch

her face, and look into those eyes

or kiss those lips

does anyone have an idea?

What did I do to have this woman

in my life

When will I awaken from this dream?

or  is this what love is?

I don’t know

so will somebody please tell me


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come close to me

even closer now,

come and see,

what’s  inside.

the door has opened

its been closed far too long,

come inside and

listen to my song.

You are the only one

I have let inside.

In the past,

I would run and hide.

so step inside, closer now

let me experience more,

baby come closer and

let me love once more.






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For Weeks

I have only known her for weeks

but I listen when she speaks.

She took a chance and

took me to the dance

then she took my hand

and I began to understand.

I have only known her for weeks

but she listens when I speak.

I took a chance and

she took my hand

and now I think she understands.

we have only known each other

for weeks

we took a chance

now we hold hands

now we both understand

that love can come

at any time, you see

we’ve only known each other for weeks.



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The Real World

Things are changing or so it seems,

for a while now

you’ve been the subject of my dreams.

now the nights are filled with you,

in my mind

what are you trying to do?

when I’m awake I don’t feel sad

in fact I am happy

I guess my medicine’s bad.

there’s a first time for everything

for now, happy will do

and I think

it’s all because of you.


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was anyone alive yesterday

when we moved like ants

to our destination,

following the trail like others

searching for our nest,

in the parking lot,

in Chandler its already hot.  (not talking about the weather)

I ask, was anyone alive yesterday

as we took our seats

and ordered some eats

there was no one else alive there

and we didn’t really care

to me, you were the only one there

and you felt the same,

the rest of the ants

were pretty lame. (if you ask me)

the other ants seemed disconnected

as if the other was infected

so I ask you,

was anyone else alive yesterday

was anyone else in love…


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Rescued from Myself

I have been gone for a long time

I say I’ve been dead.

Lets just say,

I haven’t been alive instead.

Now the sun shines bright

and the moon lights my nights,

or is it the light of her smile?

let me think about that, for awhile.

Maybe its that twinkle in her eyes

that made me realize I needed

shed my disguise.

Perhaps its the spark caused

by those physics laws,

when our hands touch,

and the rest of the world

is on pause.

That spark brought me back

from the dead.

or lets just say

I haven’t been alive instead.

I have heard of this magic and

I believe she is an angel from above

that brought me back to life

and gave me a reason to love.



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